Lead and Prospect Generation Programs.

Walden Research offers an integrated prospect generation and qualification program that effectively combines database marketing, tele-qualification, direct mail/fax and lead management processes utilizing marketing research methodologies to generate a steady stream of pre-qualified prospects into your enterprise - making the most of your sales team's time and productivity so that they do not waste time or resources tracking down unproductive or unpromising leads.

An exhaustive system, Walden Research's prospect generation and qualification program is a closed-loop marketing system where follow-through to prospects is automated, ensuring no missed opportunities or sales that may slip away to your competitors.

A powerful marketing database with a feedback system from your potential customers will be built, removing all non-prospects and allowing for a rigorous program of continuous improvement and measurement.

By focusing on and managing the prospecting and qualification of your potential clients, we allow your company to concentrate on sales and production of your services.

Our Lead and Prospect Generation Programs are a proven way to ensure opportunities to present your products and services to qualified, actionable prospects; no matter how challenging the marketing environment or how complex your product or service, Walden Research's system has proven itself in the most difficult campaigns.

Opportunity Development Programs

The opportunity development team is our Principal engaged flagship group providing the highest caliber of account development and direct acquisition services to a select group of high-match, best fit clients - bringing to our clients the judgment, leadership and experience necessary for continually successful programs.

At Walden Research, we have developed an effective, systematic and reproducible method of seeing that the opportunities we help you to generate are capitalized upon.

The investment in your prospects are developed at the highest level through a managed program of best practice, permission and information based business development and account acquisition activities.

Walden Research provides highly managed and driven acquisition campaigns towards key and targeted accounts - delivering a unique turn-key solution toward acquiring new clients and building your business.

Please call us for more information regarding how we may be able to help you in your specific business case, and for a detailed white paper regarding our proven acquisition services covering:

  • Indications for successful application

  • Tactics and tools we use to achieve results

  • Identification of the mission critical functions for winning new business.